About Quilt Studio

Looking for the most creative Art and Craft classes in Bangalore? Well, your search ends here!

Quilt Studios Bangalore is the brainchild of top Quiltmakers in India which is exclusively for women and their creative ideas. The ambiance at our studio provides a creative space for all women around the city who are passionate or would like to build a hobby and passion into art and craft. We give birth to the Artist in you. We offer Bag Making Classes, Quilt making classes, Basic sewing classes.

Who knew that a bunch of unwanted cloth can be piled up together for the greater good? In Quilting, we not only try to bring the best out of waste but also emphasize the importance of the magic of one’s own hand-made creations.

Quilting is the procedure that involves sewing three or more than 3 layers of fabric put together to create handmade one of kind bedspreads, bags, Jute bags, Wall hangings, clothing, and a lot of accessories as per one’s imagination.

The whole procedure also involves ideation, gathering of cloth, creating, sewing, applique and binding.

Quilting can be done by using hands, by sewing machine or by a specialized huge quilting machine.